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Humidifier Model RYJS-09D (216 litres per day)

$ 2,525.00

Yake Humidifiers RYJS
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Ultrasonic Humidifier

RYJS-09D Ultrasonic machines allow very precise control of humidification. The piezo actuators start and stop instantaneously, no lag waiting for elements to heat up and cool down.

High frequency vibration forms micro millimetre sized droplets which are absorbed into the air immediately.

Piezo actuators consume very little power compared to steam generating humidifiers.

The ultrasonic fog generator also scales well allowing us to provide machines with capacities ranging from 3 litres of water per hour to nearly 50.

The simplicity of the fog generator coupled with the strong, powder coated steel case creates a sturdy, reliable and efficient humidity control for your application.


  • Accurate humidity control
  • Standard integrated mist module
  • Fog output diameter is only 1-10um
  • Maximum relative humidity 99%



Capacity per hour RYJS-09D 9 litres
Air Flow Rate 280m³/hour
Power 900W
Steam Vent 110mm 2 pieces
Dimensions 650 x 550 x 500mm
Weight 35 kg



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