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The Most Effective Industrial Humidifiers in Australia

Over years of experience in supplying products for air and environment control, we’ve gained a reputation for providing the highest standards for homes and businesses right across the country.

There are many circumstances in various industries which are sensitive to moisture levels and have to be strictly maintained and controlled by an industrial humidifier. Artwork, perishable foods, and pharmaceutical products can all be affected by the wrong climate and need optimal storage with reliable equipment. It can also be used simply for comfort as low humidity can cause dry skin and make temperatures seem colder than normal.

There are also contexts in which you would need a refrigerant or desiccant dehumidifier in order to achieve the opposite effect and keep the air quality dry.

Humidifiers for a variety of commercial purposes

Our RYJS-12D units come in four models designed to cater for different capacities from 72 to 288 litres per day. The modern humidifiers create tiny water droplets by vibrating at an ultrasonic frequency while producing a cool fog.

You get precise control at your fingertips and can change the settings to suit your specific situation without having to wait for elements to heat or cool in preparation. The tough, steel-cased unit has everything required to keep humidity as high as you need as it immediately disperses moisture into the air.

Designed to meet the highest industrial standards

We take pride in all of our products and make it a priority to ensure that they function to your complete satisfaction and can be relied upon to be an effective and lasting system. Each individual industrial humidifier and dehumidifier is inspected and tested before it gets to you to ensure it meets our strict criteria. Our friendly team will also strive to give you the best possible customer experience and will go the extra mile to make sure we address your every need.

Contact the experts

Pick up the phone and dial (02¬) 6584 2511 to have an obligation free chat about which option will be right for you. Alternatively, send an email to sales@moisturecure.com.au and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.