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Commercial Dehumidifiers

Australia’s Most Reliable Commercial Dehumidifiers

For environments that rely heavily on strict and meticulous air quality control, it’s important to have a product that you can rely on to operate consistently and efficiently without exception.

At FRAL, we are the experts in using the latest technology and design to provide the most advanced units available and give you the best possible result.

Superior industrial units for a variety of applications

Air quality is important in many different areas to ensure comfort or preservation of goods and materials. We are confident that you’ll find exactly what you need in our broad choice of industrial dehumidifiers and humidifiers that meet the needs of anything from indoor pools and storage facilities to agriculture and military. Each unit comes with a range of adjustable settings so you’re able to continue maintaining the perfect environment regardless of weather conditions or any other factors.

Featuring the new Rotomoulded system

The FDSRC62 is our newest product designed for portability while retaining heavy duty performance. Its Rotomoulded casing makes it the most robust industrial dehumidifier available that’s tough against knocks and scratches. Storable in vehicles and effective in high or low temperatures, it can even be used for two rooms at once through an easily operated dual ducting feature.

Choose between state of the art desiccant and refrigerant systems

The type of model that’s best for you will vary depending on your situation, and we can help guide you to the perfect choice. Most commercial dehumidifiers in Australia are refrigerant, which works best at higher temperatures and humidity. This technology works by taking in air and cooling it quickly to a point that removes excess moisture, and then heating it to its original temperature and blowing it back into the room again.

Desiccant systems differ from refrigerants in that they excel at lower levels of humidity and temperature. Instead of cooling the air, desiccant industrial dehumidifiers pass it through materials that naturally absorb the moisture before letting it out again.

Talk to the professionals

We’re always happy to discuss our products, so please don’t hesitate to call (02) 6584 2511 or email sales@moisturecure.com.au to find out what we can do for you.