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Refrigeration-type systems are more efficient than desiccants at higher temperatures and high moisture levels. Refrigeration systems are seldom used for applications requiring less than 45% RH or conditions below 10OC. Incoming air contacts the refrigerated coils to form condensed drops. Air passing through a warm heat-exchanger heats up the ‘frozen’ air which separates the humidity, returning dehumidified air to the room.

Do you need a refrigerant or dessicant dehumidifier?

Top Quality Dehumifidiers

Fral is a provider of top-quality, state of the art commercial and industrial dehumidifiers. We are at the forefront of innovations and new technology in providing humidity control.
At Fral Australasia, we specialise supplying dehumidifiers and humidifiers to commercial and industrial properties across Australia and South East Asia. With over 25 years of experience in providing high quality humidity control products, we have long been the sole supplier of Fral dehumidifiers in the southern hemisphere, and are proud to continue doing so.

Great experience, great service

We have a vast wealth of experience in supplying dehumidifiers to workplaces and homes in Australia and across the world. We are confident that we provide the best quality products available in the Australian market. We pride ourselves on keeping up and also leading in the latest advancements in humid control technology. We are always happy to speak with our customers about their options, technical advice, and the best solutions for their dehumidifier.

With our large range of machines in stock, we can provide prompt delivery. A very reliable supply chain with our European manufacturers enables special orders to be processed without delay.

Why are dehumidifiers important for the workplace?

There is a raft of reasons why these mechanisms are an important investment for the home/workplace. Industrial and commercial dehumidifiers are important for maintaining required humidity levels in process rooms and storage spaces. Reasons for having a dehumidifier installed include:

  • Mould Prevention – Mould can cause serious health problems for people when continuously exposed to it. Fral dehumidifiers are a great mechanism for mould treatment and prevention, decreasing the amount of moisture in the air.
  • Corrosion prevention – when the humidity level is below 50%RH rust formation is inhibited.
  • Prevention of powder clumping – hygroscopic powders can flow freely when kept within their recommended humidity range.

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Choosing the right product for your application can be challenging, and it is important you get the right product the first time. Our team are experts in all things humidity and are happy to assist in selecting the correct model(s) for your application as an obligation free service.

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