Commercial and Industrial Humidifiers

High Quality, reliable humidifiers for applications where humidity control is critical.

High Quality Commercial and Industrial Humidifiers

Fral Srl, Italy, specialise in supplying humidifiers in the commercial and industrial sector. Fral has long been a leader in providing the best quality humidity control and have over 25 years of experience, growth, and innovations. We are the exclusive provider of Fral products in the southern hemisphere, and are proud to do so.

Wealth of experience means leading service

With our long term experience in providing humidity control devices businesses across the world, we are confident that we have the best products available on the Australian market. We are always up-to-date with technological advancements and provide expert after-sales service. We can offer our customers technical advice, options, and the best solutions for problem you wish to solve.

We stock a wide range of humidifiers so that we can provide prompt delivery. A reliable supply chain from our European manufacturers is maintained, so if the machine that you require is not in stock you won’t have to wait long.

Why is it important to have a humidifier installed?

Humidifiers augment the humidity in a desired space. Common applications for our machines include but are certainly not limited to:
Cheese caves, Salami curing, Mushroom growing, Fresh produce storage, Dry aging rooms.

All of our machines are ultrasonic type humidifiers which provide large amounts of steam with low power consumption and no heat generated. The mechanical operation means that the humidity level can be controlled very precisely with no lag due to heating up or cooling down.

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Choosing the right product for your application can be challenging, and it is important you get the right product the first time. Our team are experts in all things humidity and are happy to assist in selecting the correct model(s) for your application as an obligation free service.

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